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About Us

In 2016, three friends decided they wanted to create an alternative approach to the car buying experience. Jeremy and Marvin had just recently purchased vehicles; both walked away displeased with their experience. Jeremy purchased a car from a dealership, where he felt he had been pressured and taken advantage. Marvin, on the other hand, was frustrated with the excessive amount of time he negotiated a purchase from a private seller only to have the seller back out. While catching up over dinner, Jeremy and Marvin shared these stories of their experiences with Bradley.

Bradley had previously worked for General Motors in the Professional Sales Department. Through this position, he gained valuable knowledge about the car buying process. In 2006, he started his first auto brokerage firm, which was sold in 2009. His next career steps lead him to corporate America, where although successful, Bradley’s passion remained in the auto industry.

After extensive research, Bradley, Jeremy and Marvin found that they weren’t the only ones with bad car buying experiences. In fact, almost every person they talked to had a similar story to tell. They decided they wanted to offer customers a way to purchase a vehicle without dreading the process. Cottonwood Automotive was founded in November of 2016. Cottonwood's mission is to put the truth back into the car buying experience and provide our clients with an experience worth sharing with others.

We look forward to working with you and cannot wait to change the way you view the car buying experience,

Bradley Gissell, Jeremy Adams, and Marvin Wilson

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Address: 3527 Chamblee Dunwoody Rd : Atlanta, GA 30341
Phone: (770) 827-3158